2019 Chengdu International Pump Valve & Pipeline Exhibition

Exhibition NameChengdu International Pump Valve & Pipeline Exhibition 2019
Exhibition Date: 2019/03/22 – 03/24
Venue Address: Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center
Organizer: Chengdu Xinzhonglian Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Official Website: www.scfme.cn
chengdu international pump valve pipeline exhibition 2019 - 2019 Chengdu International Pump Valve & Pipeline Exhibition
Basic information
Chengdu pump valve pipeline exhibition has been held successfully for 13 years, every spring in chengdu and the largest in the western environmental protection and water treatment in chengdu exhibition held at the same time, the conference by the  Chengdu Xinzhonglian Exhibition Co.,Ltd cooperates with local administration, professional associations among green industry, chemical industry, mechanical engineering industry, pulp and paper industry, electroplating industry, etc., striving for a greater exhibition each spring, coincident with Chengdu Environmental Protection Expo (CDEPE), the largest expo in the western China among its peers.
This exhibition attaches importance to the market in the western China, zeroing in on pairing professional audiences and exhibitors from all kinds of industries. The scale and influence of Chengdu International Pump Valve & Pipeline Exhibition are gradually increasing. Since 2010, it has been named as top ten exhibitions in pump valve industry, the only nominator in the western China.
Industry background
Dive into the western China counting on Chengdu’s leading industry foundation in the western China, city strength and the advantage of Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle.
Cooperate with and be supported by Bureau of Economic and Information Technology, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, Housing and Construction Bureau, authoritative industry organizations, etc.
Profession: In southeast China, more than 100 industry associations, as well as design institutes, metal wholesalers, large-scale project contractors, buyers from industrial zone will take part in the exhibition.
Strength: 14-year experience of holding exhibition in the western China, with an accumulation of the whole industry knowledge.
The scope of exhibits
Pumps: water pumps, sewage pumps, chemical pumps, sanitary pumps, metering pumps, fire pumps, agricultural pumps, household pumps, cooling circulation pumps, other industrial pumps, special pumps;
Valves: general valves, instrument valves, industrial valves, sanitary valves, solenoid valve/starting components and parts, others;
Pump valve fittings: CNC/testing equipment, mechanical seal, soft seal, valve, bearing/coupling, casting/forging parts, flange, others;
Intelligent water supply equipment: complete set of equipment, vertical centrifugal pump, steady flow tank, frequency converter, control cabinet, computer software control, water tank, others;
Actuator: pneumatic actuator, electric actuator;
Pipes/pipe fittings: Industrial plastic pipes, industrial metal pipes, municipal water supply pipes, municipal drain pipes, construction water supply and drainage pipeselbow/tee, Cross, pipeline tools, others;
Fluid flow & fluid process related: draught fans, compressors, flow meters, vacuum equipment, pressure vessels, heat-exchange equipment, filtration equipment, separation equipment, instruments and apparatus, pneumatic components, sensors, transmitters, actuators, joints, sealing materials, fluids conveying equipment and storage systems, fluid transmission and control systems, fluid measurement and control systems, process equipment, process control and automation, process industry auxiliary equipment, etc.

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