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Model No.: Alloy-625-Double-Studded-Adapter-Flange

China Double Studded Adapter Flange Manufacturer offers Alloy 625 Double Studded Adapter Flange.

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Key Specifications / Features

Type: 625 Double Studded Adapter Flange
Material: Inconel 625 (UNS N06625)

Size: 2-1/16″ (API 6A, BX, 10000Psi) x 3/4″(ASME B16.5, CL2500)

Standard: (API 6A) x (ASME B16.5)

Pressure Rating: 10000Psi x CL2500

Double Studded Adapter Flange is a combination of flanges of different sizes and pressure ratings. Sunry supplies DSAF (Double Studded Adapter Flange) in various sizes and pressure ratings as per customer’s specified thickness.

China Double Studded Adapter Flange Manufacturer Yaang offers Inconel 625 Double Studded Adapter Flange.

Composition ranges for Inconel 625 (UNS N06625)

Cr Ni Mo Co + Nb Ta Al Ti C
20.00-30.00 Remainder 8.0-10.0 1.0 max 3.15-4.15 .40 max .40 max .10 max
Fe Mn Si P S      

5.0 max

.50 max .50 max .015 max .015 max

20186102255256616046 - Alloy 625 Double Studded Adapter Flange

The Double Studded Adapter Flange (DSA) is a conversion flange for switching API 6A or 17D high pressure piping system to be the common size and/or the pressure pipe systems. We can provide two-sided studded flanges and a single-sided studded flange.

Features of studded flange (DSA):

  • To customize materials as required;
  • To customize sizes and pressure ratings;
  • To provide matched high-quality bolts and nuts with different materials.
  • To do soldering processing to reduce customer costs.

The studded flange (DSA), including cylindrical flange body, is featured that there is a through-hole in the middle of the flange body to connect the flange body’s top and bottom undersurfaces, and the flange body’s up and bottom undersurfaces have bolt holes, and the flange body surface between the bolt hole and the through-hole has the seal groove. The studded flange has such advantages that it is a removable connecting part, flexible and simple to install and easy to operate and maintain. The studded flange can be used for transition connection between flanges with different standards as well as flanges of different sizes at the same standard. It greatly reduces the workload in installation, speeds up the progress of the works, and saves installation costs. In particular, it has played a very important role in a very complex working environment.

Double Studded Adapter Design Standards: 

  • ASME B16.5, API 6A, API 17D, MSS SP-44,
  • ASME VIII Div. 2.0, DNV OS F101,
  • ISO 15590-2, ASME B31.3, ASME B31.8

Double Studded Adapter Materials:

  • ASTM A105/A105N, ASTM A350 LF2 CL2, A350 LF6 CL2
  • ASTM A694 F42, F46, F52, F60, F65, F70
  • ASTM A182 F304/304L, F316/316L
  • API 45K, 60K, 75K
  • AISI 4130 (M), 4140, 4340, 8630(M)
  • ASTM A182 F51/UNS S31803,F53/UNS S32750

Double Studded Adapter Sizes, Classes: 

  • Any size and pressure rating

Double Studded Adapter Cladding Materials: 

  • Stainless Steel 304/304L and 316/316L, 317L, 347, 904L, 410
  • Inconel 600/625和Incoloy 800/825
  • Duplex Stainless Steel SS31803, 2205, SS32760, 2507, 2209
  • Hastelloy C276, C22
  • Monel K-500, 400
  • Other Special Alloy
  • Coating: FBE flanges, Carboline flange, etc, as required

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