Development status, trend and Prospect of aluminum alloy materials

China is a big producer and consumer of aluminum alloy materials. Aluminum alloy materials are widely used in transportation, ocean, aerospace and other fields, especially in some lightweight key parts of automobile, aircraft, aerospace, ship and other fields. The vast majority of domestic aluminum alloy materials are low-end products. With the complex changes of the international situation, the risk of being stuck in the key material field is becoming increasingly prominent, and independent innovation is imminent. In the new industrial situation, the development of green and intelligent manufacturing and processing technology of high-end aluminum alloy materials is of great strategic significance to support the sustainable development of China’s key manufacturing industry.

China Engineering Science, the Journal of Chinese Academy of engineering, publishes the development status, trend and Prospect of aluminum alloy materials, comprehensively analyzes the application status of aluminum alloy materials in aviation, aerospace, transportation and other fields, and discusses the industrial scale and technical level of aluminum alloy materials in China, so as to solve the problem of aluminum alloy material sticking neck and promote the aluminum alloy materials to high-end It provides an important reference for green development. In view of the shortcomings of some key aluminum alloy materials in China, as well as the shortcomings of original technologies such as high-performance aluminum alloy development, processing technology and intelligent control, this paper systematically combs the main problems existing in China’s aluminum alloy materials. This paper focuses on the development trend of automobile, ship, aerospace and other fields, and analyzes the market demand of aluminum alloy materials. The paper suggests: strengthen the construction of R & D system, improve the development environment; Optimize the structure, promote the quality, efficiency and collaborative development; Strengthen the support of supporting policies; Promote the construction of talent team; Promoting intelligent manufacturing and “Internet plus”; International cooperation, especially one belt, one road, should be strengthened.

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China is a big producer and consumer of aluminum alloy materials. Aluminum alloy materials are widely used in transportation, ocean, aerospace and other fields, especially in some lightweight key parts of automobile, aircraft, aerospace, ship and other fields. The vast majority of domestic aluminum alloy materials are low-end products with high energy consumption, low efficiency, high cost and low added value. The vicious competition is difficult to change, and some high-end products still need to be purchased from abroad at high prices, which undoubtedly hinders the upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry. Although China has significant advantages in communication, high-speed rail and other fields, with the complex changes of the international situation, the risk of being stuck in the key material field is becoming increasingly prominent, and independent innovation is imminent. In the new industrial situation, the development of green and intelligent manufacturing and processing technology of high-end aluminum alloy materials is of great strategic significance to support the sustainable development of China’s key manufacturing industry.
This paper mainly introduces the development and research status of aluminum alloy materials at home and abroad, analyzes the market demand of commonly used aluminum alloy systems, summarizes the problems encountered in this field in China and the future development goals, and gives the corresponding development countermeasures, so as to promote the upgrading and progress of related industries.

Development and research status of aluminum alloy materials at home and abroad

Development and research status of aluminum alloy materials abroad

On the whole, the development and application of aluminum alloy materials in developed countries have a long history, good foundation, abundant research accumulation, strong systematicness of aluminum alloy material system and high level of industrial technology. In particular, the United States, Russia and other industrial powers have carried out the research and development of aluminum alloy materials earlier, applied for a large number of aluminum alloy brands, which are widely used in automobile, ship, aerospace and other fields, and have formed a certain degree of patent hegemony.
In the field of automobile, aluminum alloy is an important material to realize the lightweight of automobile. In the aspect of 2XXX series aluminum alloy, ray Luffy company of the United States and sibene company of France have successively developed 2036-t4 and au2g-t4 aluminum alloy sheets for automobile body. In the aspect of 5xxx series aluminum alloy, Alcoa has developed x5085-o, 5182-o and other aluminum alloys for body inner panel. In the aspect of 6xxx series aluminum alloy, the United States has developed 6009 and 6010 body aluminum alloy plates. The hhs360 alloy was developed in 2018 by hydro Aluminum Company of Norway. The tensile strength of hhs360 alloy is 10.8% higher than that of 6082 alloy, reaching 360 n / mm2, and the elongation is 10%; After that, the company developed hhs400 alloy on this basis, with compressive strength of 400 N / mm2, yield strength of 370 n / mm2 and elongation of 8%, which is mainly used in automobile manufacturing. Kenlian Aluminum Company of the United States has developed HSA6 series of alloys. Among them, the minimum yield strength of hsa6-t6 alloy extruded profiles is 370 n / mm2, and the minimum tensile strength is 400 N / mm2. Compared with the quality of all aluminum automobile made of traditional aluminum alloy materials, the weight can be reduced by more than 30%. At present, foreign advanced aluminum processing enterprises are committed to the development of low-cost automotive panels. India’s nobilis aluminum company has launched advanztm series alloy ac5754r to further reduce the weight of the car. The company has also cooperated with JLR to develop ac-170px aluminum alloy with excellent forming and crimping properties for automobile panel outer panels. Okonek company of the United States has successfully developed a new generation of automobile panel production equipment and process “Micro Mill” technology, which has greatly improved the performance of aluminum panel for automobile body and panel. The comprehensive performance has been improved by 20%, and the cost has been reduced by 30%. At present, 6082 aluminum alloy is the most widely used in the field of automobile body panels. Many enterprises try to use 6xxx series or 7xxx series extruded profiles to prepare the front and rear anti-collision beams.
In the field of ships, the application of aluminum alloy in ships is gradually expanding. Foreign countries developed earlier. So far, the main products are 5xxx series and 6xxx series aluminum alloys, which are used for hull and ship building respectively. In terms of wrought aluminum alloy, there are 5086 and 5456 alloy in the United States, 5083 alloy in Japan, N8 (5083) alloy in the United Kingdom, amr6 (5A06), amr61, b48-4 (01980), k48-1 and k48-2 alloy in the former Soviet Union. High strength Al Zn Mg alloys (such as 01970 and 01975 alloys) containing scandium (0.1% ~ 0.3%) have been developed in Russia. In the aspect of casting aluminum alloy, there are mainly: BA of the Soviet Union П 5、A П 4M(ZL111)、A П 8(ZL301)、A П 13、A П 25、A П 27 alloy, American 356 (ZL101), sem328 (zl106), 514 (ZL302), 515, 518 (yl302), 520 (ZL301), x250 alloy, etc. At present, 5083 alloy and its improved alloy are still used in the field of shipbuilding, which make full use of its comprehensive advantages of corrosion resistance, weldability, formability and mechanical properties.
In the aerospace field, modern aerospace aluminum is developing towards high comprehensive performance, low density, large size, high uniformity and integration of power and structure. For 2XXX series aluminum alloy, Alcoa and Alcoa have developed 2026 and 2027 alloys with high strength and high damage tolerance. The extruded parts (thickness 12-82 mm) and plates (thickness 12-55 mm) are 20% – 25% and 10% higher than those of 2024 alloy, respectively. In the aspect of 7xxx series aluminum alloy, Alcoa, Alcan and Aleris have developed high strength and toughness aluminum alloys with low quenching sensitivity: 7085, 7140 and 7081. In the aspect of ultra-high strength aluminum alloy, French aluminum company has developed 7056-t79 / T76 alloy, which has been used in A380 aircraft wing panel, etc. In the aspect of Al Li alloy, 1460 alloy was developed in Russia, weldlite series alloy and 2097, 2197, 2195 Al Li alloy were developed in the United States. Kenlian aluminum company has developed 2050 and 2198 alloys (Al Cu limg Ag) with low density, high toughness and high damage tolerance. In 2010, American kenlian aluminum company registered the trademark of airware for Al Cu Li alloy. At present, the demand for aluminum alloy materials in aerospace field is mainly concentrated in high-strength 2XXX and 7xxx alloys, and low-density aluminum lithium alloys.

The development and research status of aluminum alloy materials in China

Since the 13th five year plan, China’s aluminum production capacity and technical level have made great progress, and the aluminum production in 2019 reaches 5.252 × 107 T, ranking first in the world. China has independently developed series of aluminum alloys such as LC4, LC9, LY12, 2A12, 2A16, 7A04, 7B04, 7a50 and 7B50, and established the first, second and third generation aluminum alloy material processing technology system. In recent years, the properties of new type high strength and toughness casting aluminum alloy, the third generation aluminum lithium alloy and high performance aluminum alloy profile developed by China have reached the international advanced level. In the chemical composition of deformed aluminum and aluminum alloy (GB / t3190-2020), 29 domestic aluminum alloy grades have been added in China in recent 10 years. Among them, Beijing University of technology has taken the lead in mastering the preparation and processing technology of ER-containing dispersion reinforced aluminum alloy in the world. The developed 5 alloy grades including ER 5e83 aluminum alloy cold rolled plate, 5e06 aluminum alloy hot rolled plate and hot extrusion wall plate are listed in the national standards, and have been widely used in national defense and automobile fields, and some varieties have replaced imported products.
In view of the extrusion forming technology and equipment of high performance aluminum alloy profile, the technology of refining, purification and ingot homogenization of aluminum alloy has been developed by the University of China Automobile Co., Ltd. and large extrusion die and equipment have been developed. The development cycle of aluminum alloy profile is shortened by 25%, the cost is reduced by 15%, and the finished product rate is increased to 62%. Northeast University and Dalian Jiaotong University have developed the continuous extrusion short process processing technology of liquid metal, semi-solid metal and solid metal respectively, realizing industrialization, and reaching the international advanced or leading level in this technology field. Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. successfully entered Boeing’s global supplier list. China Zhongwang Holdings Co., Ltd. has acquired the holding rights of Germany una Aluminum Co., Ltd. and silveryachtsltd., the all aluminum super yacht manufacturer based in Australia. A large number of advanced weapons made from key aluminum alloy materials provided by China Aluminum Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd., Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd. and Northwest Aluminum Co., Ltd. are appearing and sending soldiers to the sand field. In addition, Northeast University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China Aluminum Materials Application Research Institute Co., Ltd., Jilin University, etc. have reached the international advanced or leading level in high strength and high conductivity deformation aluminum alloy, automobile aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy. At present, some aluminum alloy materials with Chinese intellectual property rights have been applied in automobile, ship, air sky and other fields.
In the automotive field, China’s aluminum alloy automobile plate has begun to have a large-scale production capacity, but mature products are only 6016 and 5182 brands, and other brands still have no capacity for mass supply. In recent years, China Aluminum Group Co., Ltd. has made some achievements in the field of automobile lightweight, developed 6016, 6014, 5182, 5754 alloy for automobile, and realized small batch application in Geely Automobile and seahorse automobile manufacturing.
In the field of ships, 5083, 6061 and 6082 aluminum alloy plates / profiles that can be commercialized and developed in China in recent years have been implemented with the implementation of the national deep blue strategy, China has begun to build its own cruise ship, “offshore Ranch”, drilling platform, power station and helicopter platform. The first polar cruise ship of China Merchants Group Co., Ltd. has been put into use. There are still many gaps in the development of aluminum alloy materials in other parts of the hull and in line with the marine and river environment in China, and it needs multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary cooperation.
In the field of air sky, aluminum processing enterprises affiliated to China Aluminum Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Aviation Materials Research Institute, Youyan Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Zhongnan University have developed super high strength aluminum alloy, high purity and high damage tolerance aluminum alloy, aluminum lithium alloy and rare earth aluminum alloy, etc., and on this basis, 2124-t351, 2024-t851, 2024hdt plates and 7050/2124 ultra wide and ultra thick plates have been developed, The products of 7b50-t7751thick plate, 7a55-t7751 thick plate, 2A97 aluminum lithium alloy sheet and profile, 2297 aluminum lithium alloy thick plate, etc., have realized the localization of various products. The forging with high strength, high toughness and low quenching sensitivity is developed, which can be used in batch and fill the blank in China. The 10m integral ring developed by Southwest Aluminum Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. has continuously refreshed the world record of the whole ring of aluminum alloy.

Problems in the field of aluminum alloy materials in China

It is worth noting that although China’s aluminum alloy materials have achieved remarkable achievements in industrial scale and technical level, the construction of modern industrial system in China started late and the foundation was thin, which made it difficult to catch up with developed countries, and a large number of key basic materials and core parts still cannot be self-sufficient. China is a major demand for key basic materials in a long period of time in the future, and the demand for the quantity and types of such materials will continue to increase. The proportion of high-end materials in the industrial system is not high, the original innovation is less, the basic common key technologies and the research and development of deep processing technology is insufficient. Alcoa has 30000 patents, which is relatively small in original patents of Chinese enterprises, hundreds of commonly used brands, but few developed by China itself, and the consistency, uniformity and stability of product quality are not high. The quality stability of the thick pre stretched plates, skin plates and passenger car panels for large aircraft needs to be improved, and some high-end aluminum plate with foil still rely on import. In addition, the extensive development of aluminum alloy industry in China is serious. Although the industrial scale is growing rapidly, there is little research and development. The technical innovation strength of “production, learning and research” integration is weak, and the advantages of collaborative innovation between universities and enterprises cannot be exerted. Therefore, it is very important to gradually promote the development of relevant research and industry to high quality, high innovation and high efficiency.

In the automotive field, China still faces three major problems:

  • ① lack of auto aluminum alloy with independent intellectual property rights, high-end automotive aluminum has not been serialized, which is difficult to meet the personalized needs of automobile companies;
  • ② The development platform of automotive plate application technology is insufficient, and it is necessary to strengthen research on advanced forming, heterogeneous material connection, low cost and environmental protection parts manufacturing and surface treatment;
  • ③ It is necessary to strengthen the application of aluminum alloy profile in new energy vehicles, establish corresponding technological innovation platform, develop relevant products such as body structure, electric drive system, battery tray, subframe, surface treatment, etc.

In the field of ships, there are still two technical bottlenecks in China’s marine aluminum alloy: first, the development types of aluminum alloy for ships are relatively small, and the comprehensive properties and quality stability of the alloy are lower than those of the same brand plate abroad; The second is the application technology of aluminum alloy materials in ships, which is mainly reflected in welding technology. There is still a gap between China and foreign countries in friction stir welding and laser welding, which limits the development of aluminum alloy for ships.
In the field of sky, China still has a clear gap with developed countries in the research and development and application of air sky aluminum alloy. The development of new alloy in China is in the imitation stage, and the varieties of the new alloy are few; There are few studies on the basic theory of alloying. There are still some differences between the quality stability, cost and imported materials of China’s aviation materials.

Market demand and development trend of aluminum alloy materials of various systems

The market demand of aluminum alloy often determines the type, output and performance characteristics of aluminum alloy products. Because of the variety of aluminum alloy, the development process and present situation are different at home and abroad, and some aluminum alloys will be applied in automobile, ship and aerospace field, so this part is classified and described by aluminum alloy system.

2XXX system aluminum alloy

The 2XXX (A1 Cu mg) aluminum alloy has high tensile strength, toughness and fatigue strength, good heat resistance, processing and welding properties, and is widely used in aerospace, automobile and weapon industry and other fields. The main brands are 2a01, 2A02, 2A06, 2A11, 2A12, etc. A series of alloys, such as 2024, 2124, 2524 and 2324, have been developed to improve strength, strength and toughness matching and damage tolerance. The Chinese equipment model is developing towards lightweight, long life, high reliability and low cost, which has higher requirements for fracture toughness, crack propagation resistance and corrosion resistance of the skin material. Based on 2024-T351 aluminum alloy thick plate, high damage tolerance aluminum alloy for lower wing surface of 2324 and 2624 wing with different strength, toughness, fatigue and corrosion resistance has been developed, and the application of installation has been realized. In the future, the composite microalloying will be an important development direction of Al Cu mg high strength aluminum alloy.

4xxx system aluminum alloy

At present, the automobile piston in China mainly uses eutectic and hypoeutectic Al Si alloy, but with the improvement of engine performance, it is difficult to meet the performance requirements. The density of hypereutectic Al Si alloy is low, the linear expansion coefficient is small, the wear resistance and volume stability are higher. It is more ideal piston material than hypoeutectic and eutectic Al Si alloy. The piston of eutectic Al Si alloy has been produced in batches abroad, and it is applied to trucks and cars, such as A390 alloy in the United States, ac9a and AC8A (ZL109) in Japan and A390 alloy in Australia. But at present, there are few manufacturers that have produced eutectic Al Si alloy pistons in China, most of them depend on import. In addition, there is a big gap between automotive turbocharger aluminum alloy materials and foreign countries. High performance automotive turbocharger aluminum alloy materials mainly rely on Japan and other countries. Therefore, it is imperative to develop the key automotive aluminum alloy materials with high performance piston and turbocharged impeller.

5xx system aluminum alloy

Al Mg alloy, especially the high Mg content Al Mg alloy, has high specific strength, good weldability and corrosion resistance, and will become a competitive material in the future in the fields of air, high-speed train and ocean. At present, the Al Mg alloy plates, profiles and welding wires used in air sky, train, ocean and other applications mainly rely on import. The high-end wire market is basically monopolized by Alcoa in the United States. ER5183 and ER5356 alloy mainly rely on import, and the import volume accounts for about 70% of its sales. The main purpose of the Al Mg alloy used in ships depends on Russia. The conventional ingots with high Mg content have developed dendrites, serious segregation of eutectic phase and poor forming performance. There are still many problems in the processing methods, such as low performance, poor apparent quality, long process, unstable quality and low yield. The sub rapid solidification and forming can inhibit the Mg precipitation, and can also control the fine equiaxed and nano precipitates, which greatly improves the properties and homogeneity of the materials. Therefore, the development of the super rapid solidification continuous flow extrusion and rolling technology of high performance Al Mg alloy is expected to meet the needs of high quality Al Mg alloy.

6xxx system aluminum alloy

6xxx aluminum alloy material is the key material in rail transit, automobile, electronics and other fields. Since 1980s, developed countries and regions such as Europe and America, Japan and other developed countries and regions have developed automobile aluminum alloy, registered 6009, 6016, 6010, 6111, 6022, 6082 and other brands, forming a relatively complete production and application system of automobile body plate, extrusion material, forging and so on. The industrialization research and development of 6xxx aluminum alloy body plate and forgings in China is just beginning, and there is a significant gap. The aluminum alloy sheet for automobile which is put forward by Ministry of industry and information technology of China is: 6016-s, 6016-ih, 6016-ibr, 6a16-s, 6a16-ibr, 6022, etc., the elongation of typical 6xxx aluminum alloy plate is a5025%, R value is 0.60, and the parking yield strength rp0.2140 n/mm2 for 60d, and the yield strength increment of baking paint hardening is 80 n / mm2. According to different demands, the development of design, preparation and processing technology of 6xxx aluminum alloy has become an inevitable trend.

7xxx system aluminum alloy

7xxx aluminum alloy has good stress corrosion resistance, is the highest strength of aluminum alloy series, is internationally recognized as the main aviation materials. Recently, 7055 alloy (al8zn-2.05mg-2.3cu-0.16zr) has been developed abroad. Its yield stress in t77511 state exceeds 620MPa, which is used for Boeing 777 aircraft, with a weight loss of 635 kg. At present, 7xxx aluminum alloy used in China Aviation lacks systematic alloy design and preparation processing technology, and some products are imported completely. Because of the large size ingot elements, wide solidification range, large casting stress and easy oxidation / segregation of alloy elements, the metallurgical quality of the ingot is poor and the formability at room temperature is low. It is of great significance to develop a new type of 7xxx aluminum alloy.

Al Li alloy

Aluminum lithium alloy is the most rapid lightweight material in aviation materials in recent years. It has the characteristics of low density, high elastic modulus, high specific stiffness, good fatigue performance and corrosion resistance. After replacing conventional aluminum alloy, the quality can be reduced by 10% – 20%, and the rigidity is increased by 15% – 20%. Alcoa launched the Alcoa aviation 20/20 program in the early 21st century, with the aim of reducing the cost and weight of aviation aluminum alloy by 20% in 20 years. KL has developed 2050 and 2198 Al Li alloys (Al Cu Li mg Ag) with low density, high toughness and high damage tolerance. The Al Li alloy grade independently developed in China is very few, only 1420 alloy has been applied. Aluminum lithium alloy used in C919 passenger aircraft is provided by Alcoa. Only 1420, 2195, 2197, 2A97 and other limited alloy grades can be produced in China, and the ingot is only ((310-400) × one thousand two hundred and eighty × Flat ingot below 4000) mm and ϕ Round ingot below 650mm. Flat ingots (2B16) with thickness of more than 60mm and width of more than 1500 mm in aviation high-end applications and ingots with diameter of 1500mm (2B16) have not yet been manufactured in industry. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop new type of aluminum lithium alloy design, super large size ingot preparation and deep processing technology.

Heat resistant aluminum alloy

The heat resistant aluminum alloy is the key basic material in the fields of air, automobile and rail transit by adjusting the elements of Si, Fe, Ni, Ag and rare earth, which makes the aluminum alloy have the ability of anti-oxidation and creep resistance at high temperature. The traditional heat-resistant aluminum alloy includes 2519, 2618, 2219, 2D70, etc. With the rapid development of air and automobile industry, higher requirements for heat-resistant aluminum alloy are put forward. The new generation of fighters cruise at a high speed, the skin temperature of the fuselage reaches 150 ℃, while at present, 2618 АК 4-1 ч The long-term temperature of heat-resistant aluminum alloy such as 2D70 is below 150 ℃, so it is imperative to develop new type of heat-resistant aluminum alloy.

Al SC alloy with ultra low SC content

Al SC alloy has high strength, good plasticity and corrosion resistance, and has become a new generation of light materials for air and ship after Al Li alloy. The tensile strength of Al Mg alloy containing trace scandium is 30% higher than that of 5083 alloy, and the yield strength is more than twice. The weldability of the alloy is equivalent to that of the conventional 5xxx alloy, the mechanical properties of the heat affected zone and the weld are about the same as that of the base metal, and the corrosion resistance is equivalent to that of alloy 5083. The replacement of the alloy of the 5xx or 6xxx system can achieve remarkable reduction effect on the spare parts of the sky, and it is also the upper material of the automobile and the rail vehicle. Russia ranks the forefront in the world in the development of scandium containing aluminum alloy, and has formed Al Mg SC, Al Mg Li SC, Al Zn MGSC, Al Zn mg Cu SC, Al Cu mg SC alloy, and scandium content is 0.18% – 0.5%. In order to promote the application of scandium alloy in sky and automobile, Ministry of industry and information technology of China has taken scandium containing aluminum alloy as one of the new materials for priority development. China has abundant scandium resources and has built a high purity scandium oxide extraction production line, which lays a foundation for the development of Al scandium alloy.

Hot stamping aluminum alloy for 500 MPa grade automobile

The hot stamping high strength aluminum alloy materials in China are still blank. The combination of new materials and new forming technology is an effective method to solve the forming of high strength aluminum alloy automobile parts. With the emphasis of 7xxx alloy, it is very important to explore 2XXX alloy actively, develop 500MPa grade aluminum alloy material for hot stamping, and make complex shape automobile parts.

Aluminum based composite

Aluminum steel multilayer composite plate: the effective connection between aluminum and steel deck has become one of the constraints of lightweight of superstructure of large ships. The aluminum steel composite transition joint used for welding between aluminum and steel hull provides a solution to replace traditional riveting process. Honda has developed a joint technology of steel and aluminum, which will be used in mass production vehicle frame worldwide. At present, the aluminum steel composite joints used in China are mainly imported from abroad, with a price of up to 4 × 105 CNY/t。 With the development of large ships in the future, higher welding temperature, higher bearing stress and stronger interface are put forward for transition joints, and high performance aluminum steel joints are urgently needed to be developed.
Aluminum alloy composite materials for automobile radiator: aluminum alloy composite foil, belt and plate are the key materials for manufacturing brazed heat exchanger such as air conditioner, radiator, dry hand device and so on. The composite material is made of 2-3 alloys after lamination and compression, and the coating layer is mostly high silicon alloy or low potential alloy, such as 4004, 4045, 4047, 4a13, 7a01 alloy, etc. the core materials are mainly 3003, 3003 + 1.5% Zn and 3004 alloy.
Aluminum honeycomb board: it is usually composed of two thin and strong panels and intermediate honeycomb core. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, high rigidity, good stability, heat insulation and sound insulation, and has been used in aircraft, train and ship. The existing products in the market are generally adhesive products except for the imported materials for aviation, which are easy to degummer the panels under the environment of high humidity, strong vibration and high temperature. The development of light, high strength, corrosion-resistant and brazeable honeycomb panel and core plate is the development trend of honeycomb plate. In the early 1990s, some foreign countries have developed brazed aluminum honeycomb plates, and developed high strength, aging strengthening, corrosion resistance and solderable honeycomb materials. In recent five years, the production of honeycomb aluminum in China has maintained an average growth rate of 22%. In 2012, the market capacity of adhesive honeycomb aluminum products in China’s construction market alone reached 7.674 billion yuan. It is expected that by 2035, the demand for high strength and corrosion-resistant honeycomb composite plate will reach 7 × The prospect of 107 M2 is very broad.

Medium and long term development goals of aluminum alloy materials in China

Combined with the actual situation in China and the bottleneck in the field of aluminum alloy in China, the following medium-term development goals are put forward: by 2030, high-performance aluminum alloy materials will reach the international advanced level, some of them will reach the international leading level, the comprehensive mechanical and technological properties of materials will meet the requirements of modern manufacturing industry, and the aerospace vehicles, new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles and other industries will be realized With the large-scale application of rail transit and van type freight cars, the localization rate of the fifth generation aluminum alloy has reached more than 80%, and the production and application of aerospace light alloy has reached 2 × 105 T / A, and the output of light alloy for transportation reaches 3 × 105 t/a。
Long term development goal: by 2035, aluminum alloy materials will reach the international leading level, realize the self-sufficiency and export of most aluminum alloy materials, and lead the development of global aluminum alloy industry. The fifth generation aluminum alloy has been fully localized, and the sixth generation aluminum alloy has been successfully developed. The output and application of aerospace light alloy have reached 3 × 105 T / A and 4 × 106 t/a。

Development strategy of aluminum alloy materials in China

Focusing on the above problems, development trends and development goals of aluminum alloy materials, efforts should be made to improve the ability of independent innovation, establish a mechanism of complementary advantages and close cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, shorten the cycle, form the ability of sustainable innovation, and realize the strategic transformation of China from a big material country to a powerful material country.

Strengthen the construction of R & D system and improve the development environment

Focusing on the needs of national major engineering construction, we should strengthen the collaborative innovation of “industry university research and application”, carry out the research on the cooperation mechanism of “industry university research and application”, benefit distribution, property right protection, integrity system, security policy, etc., solve the current barriers between “industry University research and application”, and establish a scientific and effective innovation mechanism. At the same time, accelerate the development of aluminum alloy materials industry directory and investment guidance, improve the industrial chain, innovation chain, capital chain. We should give full play to the role of the market in resource allocation, scientifically guide and rationally invest, coordinate the state’s focused support for the key basic materials industry, help the small and medium-sized high-performance aluminum alloy materials enterprises grow healthily, and create an industrial ecological environment with international competitiveness.

Optimize the structure, promote quality, efficiency and collaborative development

Promote capacity replacement and eliminate backward capacity. Actively expand the application field and application level, improve the quality stability of high-performance aluminum alloy products, reduce production costs, and enhance industrial support capacity. Promote the establishment of supply chain cooperation between high-end aluminum enterprises and high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises. Through “industry university research” cooperation, optimize the variety structure, promote the integration of products into the global high-end manufacturing supply chain, establish a comprehensive evaluation system, and improve the international competitiveness.

Strengthen supporting policies

Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, increase the financial, financial, tax and other policies to support high-performance aluminum, improve the risk investment operation, risk avoidance and exit mechanism, and form a healthy system to encourage the use of domestic high-performance aluminum. In order to promote the application and development of aluminum alloy, we should strengthen the policy support for deep processing of aluminum products and implement the preferential tax policies for high-tech enterprises.

Promoting the construction of talent team

We should implement the development strategy of innovative talents, strengthen the cultivation of young and middle-aged innovative talents and teams, encourage enterprises to combine production, study, research and application, adopt flexible policies such as flexible introduction, establish the national aluminum industry innovation center, cultivate independent innovative talents, and cultivate a number of discipline and professional technology leaders, so as to effectively improve the activity and promoting role of talent elements in Industrial Science and technology innovation, Enhance the ability of independent innovation and realize the transformation and upgrading of aluminum industry.

Promoting intelligent manufacturing and “Internet plus” integration

The intelligent level of enterprise R & D, production and service should be improved, and a digital process system based on big data with process modeling and intelligent control should be established. Pilot demonstration plant to improve product performance stability and quality consistency. Encourage enterprise mode innovation, promote the integration of “Internet plus” and the whole process of production and operation, promote personalized customization, flexible manufacturing, and meet diversified and multi-level needs.

Strengthen one’s international cooperation, one particularly the “one belt, one road” international cooperation.

We will actively implement one belt, one road cooperation to enhance the international operation capability of the whole industry chain of equipment, products, technology, standards and services. In accordance with the guidance of the State Council on promoting international cooperation in production capacity and equipment manufacturing, we should give full play to the advantages of technology, equipment and talents, comprehensively consider resources, energy, politics, law, market and other factors, encourage powerful enterprises to invest and build factories in resource rich areas, actively learn advanced technology and management experience of foreign enterprises, and constantly optimize products and equipment, Enhance international competitiveness.
Authors: Guan Renguo, Lou Huafen, Huang Hui, Liang Xiaopeng, Xiao Xiang, Li Huizhong, Li Fang, Wang Jianjun, Yun xinbing, Zeng Libin

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