Four characteristics of high pressure flange

The high pressure flange is used for the flange of the pipe or equipment connected by the pressure higher than 10MPa. So, what are the features of high pressure flanges? The staff of the lower pressure flange manufacturers will be introduced to you.

flange connection - Four characteristics of high pressure flange

1, bending resistance: a large number of tests show that the flange will not leak or loose when it is subjected to large bending load. The actual test is that the DN15 specification of high pressure flange welding passes several times of cold bending on the pipe, and the high-pressure flange connection does not leak, and the bolts do not loose.
2, compression: normal pipe applications, high pressure flange will not be subjected to overload compression; when the higher compression load occurs, the maximum load on the high-pressure flange is determined by the ultimate strength of the pipeline.
3, sealing core: high pressure flange is unique, metal to metal sealed, which rely on the ring seal lip (T arm) of the elastic deformation to form a seal to seal; the sleeve section, clamping sleeve, sealing ring and combination, form a strong rigid body so, the connecting parts of the pipeline strength is far greater than the parent material strength. In the compression, the strength and seal of the bar and the lip are respectively acting on the strength and sealing, which can both tighten the seal and strengthen the pipe, which greatly strengthens the overall strength of the connecting part.

4, tensile property: in most cases, the high-pressure flange in the connection is more able to withstand the tensile load than the pipeline itself. The destructive test shows that the flange is still intact without any leakage after the tensile load fails.

Source: China High Pressure Flange Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (

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