How to choose a graphite composite gasket?

A graphite composite gasket is widely used static seal. This study examines the mechanical properties on the seal interface which is significant to the sealing performance. The study uses finite element simulations based on a test rig structure and elastic-plastic material properties. The compression-resilience curve is measured in the same test rig. The simulations show the changes in the contact pressure and deformation distribution during loading and unloading. The simulated compression-resilience curves agree with the measured data to validate the finite element model. The results explain the sealing mechanism of high contact stiffness, load stability, and installation repeatability for this kind of gasket. 
A graphite composite gasket is a kind of superior gasket. It is used in many equipment. Its excellent performance is incomparable. It is made of metal tooth plates or metal mesh plates and expanded graphite particles, and it is usually stamped or cut from reinforced graphite sheets by professional gasket cutting equipment. Inner reinforced materials commonly used for reinforced graphite gaskets are SS304, SS316 and tinplate with a thickness from 0.05mm to 0.2mm. There are three kinds of graphite composite gaskets, including reinforced composite gaskets, mesh reinforced composite gaskets and flat reinforced composite gaskets. How do we purchase graphite composite gaskets with good quality? What should we pay attention to when purchasing them?
Tips for purchasing graphite composite gaskets
Select the reinforced graphite composite gasket according to the working conditions and the flange sealing surface.
Check whether or not the reinforced graphite composite gasket has very good temperature resistance and can be used in a temperature from -260℃ to 1500℃. Check whether or not the reinforced graphite has very good corrosion resistance and not very high stress relaxation rate. The reinforced graphite composite gasket made of graphite will have very excellent sealing effect.
Compression rates, rebound rate and sealing performance are important performance indicators of sealed reinforced graphite gaskets. Generally speaking, under the premise of meeting the compression rate requirements, the higher the rebound rate is, the better the reinforced graphite gasket becomes; under the premise of meeting the requirement of rebound rate, higher test values of compression rates is better. Graphite composite gaskets with good sealing performance and moderate compression rates should be selected.
Select reinforced graphite composite gaskets manufactured by factory who has a complete quality control system. It is best to choose a reinforced graphite composite gasket manufacturer which has special equipment licenses and effective aramid fiber packing test reports.

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