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What are the processing methods of the tube sheet

The tube sheet is refers to in the circular steel plate to drill the hole which is slightly bigger than the outer diameter of the pipe, passes through the tube to weld the fixed one kind of fitting. Tube plate for tubular heat exchanger, boiler, pressure vessel, steam turbine, large central air-conditioning industry. The material of the tube plate will be selected according to the bad environment. The detection of the tube sheet includes the hole position, the aperture tolerance, the inner hole finish, the burr, etc.. For three or four kinds of pressure container tube sheet need high accuracy, […]

Recently Shipment to Mid Asia Projects

Dimensions of Pipe Fittings

ASME/ ANSI STANDARD Dimensions of ASME B16.9 butt welding elbow Dimensions-of-ASME-B16-9-Concentric-Eccentric-Reducers Dimensions-of-butt-welding-180-degree-elbow Dimensions-of-butt-welding-straight-tee Tolerance-of-ASME-B16-9-butt-welding-fittings Wall-Thickness-and-unit-weight-of-ASME-B36-19M-stainless-steel-pipe Dimensions-of-ASME-B16.9-lap-joint-stub-end Dimensions-of-ASME-B16-9-short-radius-elbows Wall-Thickness-and-unit-weight-of-ASME-B36-10M-welded-and-seamless-wrought-steel-pipe Dimensions-of-ASME-B16-9-butt-welding-reducing-tee EN STANDARD Dimensions-of-EN-10253-2-butt-welding-elbows-2D Dimensions-of-EN-10253-2-butt-welding-elbows-3D Dimensions-of-EN-10253-2-butt-welding-elbows-5D Dimensions-of-en-10253-2-butt-welding-equal-tee Dimensions-of-EN-10253-2-butt-welding-reducer Dimensions-of-EN-10253-2-butt-welding-reducing-tee Dimensions-of-EN-10253-2-butt-welding-cap Dimensions-of-en-10241-threaded-pipe-coupling-socket Dimensions-of-en-10241-threaded-pipe-nipple DIN STANDARD Dimensions-of-DIN2982-BS1387-threaded-pipe-nipples Dimensions-of-DIN2986-threaded-pipe-coupling-socket JIS STANDARD Dimensions-of-JIS-B2311-B2312-SGP-ELBOWS Dimensions-of-JIS-B2311-B2312-SGP-TEES Dimensions-of-JIS-B2311-B2312-SGP-REDUCERS Dimensions-of-JIS-B2311-B2312-SGP-CAPS

Recently Shipment to Mid Asia Projects

The production process of welded stainless steel pipe

Welded stainless steel pipe production, the main industry is the nominal pipe diameter of more than DN700 in the production pipeline. Slotted pipe not only includes the straight pipe, and comprises a spiral weld pipe. The main specifications and production of welded stainless steel pipe with nominal diameter 700mm multiplied by the thickness of 10mm (denoted as 711×10), nominal pipe diameter 800mm multiplied by the thickness of 12mm (denoted as 813×12), multiplied by the nominal pipe diameter 900mm 14mm thick steel plate (denoted as 914×14), multiplied by the nominal diameter 1000mm 18mm thick (expressed as 1016 x18) and other product […]