Nickel-based super alloy: Inconel 617 (Alloy 617/UNS N06617)

What is Inconel 617?

Inconel 617 is a nickel chromium cobalt molybdenum alloy with excellent mechanical properties at high temperature. The alloy has high temperature corrosion resistance, such as oxidation and carbonization.

Designated as UNS N06617 or W.Nr. 2.4663a, Inconel 617, also known as “Alloy 617”, is a nickel-chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloy with an exceptional combination of metallurgical stability, strength, and oxidation resistance at high temperatures. Its resistance to oxidation is enhanced by an aluminum addition. Inconel Alloy 617 also resists a wide range of corrosive aqueous environments. It can be used in gas turbines for combustion cans, ducting, and transition liners; for petrochemical processing piping; for heat-treatment equipment; and in nitric acid production. Inconel 617 also offers attractive properties for piping components of power plants, both fossil-fueled or nuclear.

Characteristics of Inconel 617 (Alloy 617/UNS N06617)

  • (1) It has good instantaneous and long-term mechanical properties at high temperatures up to 1100 ℃.
  • (2) It has high antioxidant activity at 1100 ℃.
  • (3) It has high carbonization resistance at 1100 ℃.
  • (4) Good welding performance.

Corrosion resistance of Inconel 617 (Alloy 617/UNS N06617):





























Mechanical Properties of Inconel 617 (Alloy 617/UNS N06617)


Tensile strength 

Yield strength


Solution treatment




The properties listed in the table below are applicable to the given specifications of Inconel 617 alloy in solution treated state. Special properties of non-standard size materials can be provided according to the requirements of specific applications.

Minimum mechanical properties at room temperature (refer to VdTÜV485)

Product form Size/mm Test direction
Tensile strength
Yield strength
RP0.2 N/mm2
Yield strength
RP1.0 N/mm2
Plate and strip Cold rolling≤6 Transverse 750 350 390 35
Plate Hot rolling<80 Transverse 700 300 330 35
Bar ≤300 Transverse 680 300 330 30
≤300 Radial 680 300 330 35
Pipe ≤150 Radial 700 300 330 35

The minimum mechanical properties of the alloy at high temperature (refer to VdTÜV485)

  N/mm2 (corresponding to each temperature)
100 200 300 400 500 600 700 750
Tensile strength 650 620 600 570 540 510 400 340
0.2% yield strength 270 230 220 210 200 190 185 180
1.0% yield strength 300 260 250 240 225 210 205 200

Physical Properties of Inconel 617 (Alloy 617/UNS N06617)

Density Melting Range Specific Heat at 78°F(26°C) Electrical Resistivity at 78°F(26°C)
lb/in3 Mg/m3 °F °C Btu/lb-°F J/kg-°C ohm-circ mil/ft μΩ-m
0.302 8.36 2430-2510 1332-1380 0.100 419 736 1.22
Temperature (℃) Specific heat capacity J/Kg K Thermal conductivity W/mK Resistivity μΩcm Elastic modulus KN/mm2 Coefficient of thermal expansion 10-6/K
20 420 13.4 122 212  
100 440 14.7 125 206 11.6
200 465 16.3 126 200 12.6
300 485 17.7 127 194 13.1
400 515 19.3 128 188 13.6
500 545 20.9 129 181 13.9
600 565 22.5 131 173 14.0
700 595 23.9 133 166 14.8
800 615 25.5 134 157 15.4
900 645 27.1 135 149 15.8
1000 665 28.7 138 139 16.3

Product Forms and Standards

Product Forms Standards
Rod, Bar & Wire ASTM B166
Plate, Sheet & Strip ASTM B168, ASTM B906
Seamless Pipe and Tube ASTM B167, ASTM B829
Welded Pipe ASTM B472
Welded Tube ASTM B564

ISO-V type notch of Inconel 617

  • Average room temperature: transverse ≥ 100J/cm2
  • Radial ≥ 150j / cmJ/cm2

Mechanical properties of solution treated state at room and high temperature
1 1F11Q13244L2 - Nickel-based super alloy: Inconel 617 (Alloy 617/UNS N06617)
The typical stress of 1% creep in solution treated state is as follows
1 1F11Q1325T36 - Nickel-based super alloy: Inconel 617 (Alloy 617/UNS N06617)
The typical creep fracture strength of solution treated state is as follows
1 1F11Q13314M9 - Nickel-based super alloy: Inconel 617 (Alloy 617/UNS N06617)

The microstructure of Inconel 617:

Inconel 617 alloy has a face centered cubic lattice structure with good phase stability. The alloy has excellent high temperature strength by solution hardening, and the alloy has no age hardening.

Heat resistance and corrosion resistance of Inconel 617:

Inconel617 alloy has excellent corrosion resistance in hot corrosion field such as vulcanization environment, especially in oxidation and carbonization environment with cycle up to 1100 ℃. These corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties make the alloy particularly suitable for high temperature applications. In addition, the high content of Ni, Cr and Mo makes the alloy have good corrosion resistance in most corrosive media.

Processing and heat treatment of nickel base alloy inconel 617 (UNS N06617):

Inconel 617 alloy is easy to process in various cold and hot processing processes, but high power equipment is required due to its high strength. Inconel 617 alloy has excellent welding performance and can be welded by various welding methods.

Preheating of Inconel 617:

The surface of workpiece must be cleaned before and during heating to keep the surface clean. Inconel or other sulfur containing alloys will be heated to low melting point. Paint, oil, paint, etc. The sulfur content of fuel should be low, such as the impurity content of LPG and natural gas should be less than 0.1%, the sulfur content of city gas should be less than 0.25g/m3, and the sulfur content of petroleum gas should be less than 0.5%. The furnace gas must be neutral or weak oxidizing, and the composition of furnace gas should not fluctuate in oxidizability and reducibility. The heating flame cannot directly burn to the workpiece. In all heating processes, materials must be added to the heated furnace.

Hot working of Inconel 617:

Due to the very high thermal strength, a considerable amount of processing force is required during hot working.
When the alloy is cooled by inconel-617, the highest temperature can be obtained when the alloy is cooled by water at 1 200 ℃ or by water cooling.

Cold working of Inconel 617:

Cold working should be carried out after annealing treatment. The work hardening rate of Inconel 617 is higher than that of austenitic stainless steel. Therefore, the processing equipment should be adjusted accordingly, and there should be an intermediate annealing process in the cold working process.
When the cold deformation is more than 10% or more than 5% for materials with application temperature higher than 900 ℃, final solution annealing is required.

Heat treatment of Inconel 617:

In order to obtain proper properties, the solution treatment temperature is 1150 ℃ – 1200 ℃, water quenching is necessary to obtain the maximum creep resistance. The thickness less than 1.5mm can also be rapidly air cooled. The annealing temperature can reach 870 ℃. In all heat treatment process, pay attention to the matters mentioned above about keeping clean.

Grinding of Inconel 617:

The oxide near the weld of Inconel 617 workpiece is more difficult to remove than that of stainless steel. Mechanical or chemical methods can be used. When using mechanical methods, metal contamination and high surface deformation should be avoided. Before pickling in the mixed acid of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid, the oxide should be removed by sandpaper or pretreated by salt bath.

Machining of Inconel 617:

The machining of Inconel 617 should be carried out after solution treatment. In order to consider the work hardening of the material, Inconel 617 must adopt a lower surface cutting speed and re feed than the low alloy standard austenitic stainless steel.

Welding of Inconel 617:

Inconel 617 alloy is suitable for welding, including tungsten arc welding (GTAW / TIG), manual arc welding (GMAW / MIG), pulse arc welding and shielded gas arc welding. Before welding, the material must be solution treated, and the surface of the material shall be clean, free of oil and powder, and bright metal shall be polished within 25 mm around the weld. With low heat input, the interlayer temperature is less than 150 ℃. No pre weld or post weld heat treatment is required. Recommended welding materials:

  • Welding wire: ernicrcomo-1;
  • Welding rod: enicrcomo-1.

Application areas of nickel-based alloy incoloy 617 (Alloy 617/UNS N06617):

  • Heat treatment factories with tray,basket and fixture.
  • Steel wire annealing and radiant tube, high-speed gas burner,the mesh belt furnace.
  • The ammonia reforming in the isolation tank and the catalytic support grid for production of nitric acid.
  • Heating pipes, containers, baskets and chains used in sulfuric acid pickling plants.
  • Exhaust system components.
  • Piping system.
  • The solid waste incinerator combustion chamber.
  • Pipe supports and ash handling part.
  • Exhaust detoxification system components.
  • Oxygen to the heater.
  • Heat exchange tubes
  • Pipe fittings
  • Flanges
  • Valves

Variety specifications and supply status of Nickel-based super alloy: Inconel 617 (Alloy 617/UNS N06617):

Variety classification:

Yaang Pipe Industry can produce various specifications of Inconel617 seamless pipe, Inconel617 steel plate, Inconel617 round bar, Inconel617 forgings, Inconel617 flangeInconel617 pipe fittings, Inconel617 welded pipe, Inconel617 steel strip, Inconel617 wire and supporting welding materials. 

Delivery status:

  • Seamless pipe: solid solution + acid white, length can be set;
  • Plate: solid solution, pickling, trimming;
  • Welded pipe: solid solution acid white + RT% flaw detection;
  • Forging: annealing + car polish; Bars are forged and rolled, surface polished or car polished;
  • Strips are delivered after cold rolling, solid solution soft state, and deoxidized;
  • Wire rods are finely ground in solid solution pickled disk or straight strips, solid solution straight strips Delivery in light state.

Source: China Inconel 617 Flanges Manufcturer – Yaang Pipe Industry (

(Yaang Pipe Industry is a leading manufacturer and supplier of nickel alloy and stainless steel products, including Super Duplex Stainless Steel Flanges, Stainless Steel Flanges, Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, Stainless Steel Pipe. Yaang products are widely used in Shipbuilding, Nuclear power, Marine engineering, Petroleum, Chemical, Mining, Sewage treatment, Natural gas and Pressure vessels and other industries.)

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Nickel-based super alloy: Incoloy 617 (Alloy 617/UNS N06617)
Inconel 617 is a nickel chromium cobalt molybdenum alloy with excellent mechanical properties at high temperature. The alloy has high temperature corrosion resistance, such as oxidation and carbonization.
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