How to Promote the Development of the China’s flange industry?

In the past 20 years, China’s economy has been in the rapid and stable development and China has been in the midst of industrialization, forming a very good foundation for many industries. On the one hand, the demand for equipment machinery is becoming great, and the strategic objective of vitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry has been put forward.
On the other hand, while the comprehensive national strength is being enhanced, the concept of building a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly society is put forward at the same time, which is the main basis of the Eleventh Five-year Plan. Therefore, we must fully implement the scientific concept of development and rely on the scientific and technological progress so as to promote the national economy to a further step of development by means of economic adjustment, enterprise integration as well as the operation scale expansion.
Although the overall level of the China’s flange industry has been greatly improved, the quality of China’s flanges is still not good enough, and the phenomena such as dripping and leakage often occur in the Chinese flanges. In addition, there is still a certain gap between the supporting capacity of the Chinese flange and that of flanges manufactured in developed countries. The competition in the flange market is fierce and some low-end flange products market has become saturated, leading to the oversupply situation, which makes the development of small and medium enterprises more and more difficult.
Even for the flanges with the relatively high technological content, the competition of them in the international market is also very intense. In China, the high-end flanges are still mainly depending on imports, and this is the field which China’s flange industry has to break through in the future so as to promote the development of China’s flange industry.
But since last year, the localization of high-end flange has become difficult. The current basic parts manufacturing has become the obstacle which restricts the Chinese manufacturing industry’s development towards the high-end industry. During the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan, many efforts were made on the localization of high-end equipment’s parts, but the high-end flanges in China still need much policy guidance and research support.
The stainless steel slip-on flanges have many excellent properties other flanges do not own, and it is believed that stainless steel slip-on flanges will be applied to various fields in the near future as the society, the technology and the time keep changing.
Source: China Flanges Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry (

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