An Simple Introduction to Stamping Elbows (Part One)

Stamping elbows use stamping dies to process the plates which have the identical materials because the pipes in order to form half elbows and the two half elbows are welded to at least one elbow. We often use spot welding to repair semi-finished elbows based on different welding standards of various pipelines welding processes are executed according to amounts of pipelines’ welding seams in construction operation.


The elbow is among the pipe fittings which can be popular for pipeline installation the elbow can be used to get in touch two pipes with the same or different nominal diameters, to ensure pipelines will make turns with a certain angle.


1、Stamping processes have high production efficiency, are simple to be operated which enable it to make mechanization and automation come true, because stamping processes are carried out by stamping dies and stamping equipment ordinary press machines’ number of strokes are many times each minute high-speed pressure can reach several tons almost daily moreover, each stamping stroke can get a stamping part.

2、Stamping processes generally don’t possess cuttings, have less material consumption along with other heating equipment isn’t required therefore, the stamping process is among the processing methods which save materials and energy and expenses for stamping parts.

3、Stamping processes can produce parts with larger size ranges and sophisticated shapes stamping parts can be produced no more than stopwatches of clocks and watches and as big as auto girders and covering parts in conjunction with cold deformation hardening connection between materials in stamping processes, strength and stiffness of stamping parts are higher.
4、 Stamping dies ensure accuracy of stamping parts’ shapes and forms in stamping processes and stamping processes generally don’t destroy surface quality of stamping parts stamping dies have long service lives. Thus, stamping parts have characteristics of stable quality, good interchangeability and being the exact same should they be produced by precisely the same die.

Forming processes of stamping elbows are complicated and stamping elbows are formed gradually with a certain pressure we should instead weld elbows depending on different materials and applications. The forming procedure for the stamping elbow needs to be accomplished as outlined by some working procedures we ought to strictly adhere to the corresponding process, otherwise the finished stamping elbow could have the quality problem. Four 90 %uFFFD elbows, six 60 %uFFFD elbows or elbows with standards can be purchased determined by different requirements this sort of process is suitable for creating large pushing elbows with any specifications whose middle diameters are greater than 1.5D.

The stamping process is applied to the production of the different elbow along with the stamping elbow has use value in numerous fields.

Source: China Stamping Elbows Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry (

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