What is a stainless steel filter screen

What is a stainless steel filter screen?

Stainless steel filter screen refers to the filter screen and filter cartridge of various specifications and sizes produced and processed with stainless steel wire. It is generally used for filtering syrup, industrial oil products, sewage treatment, medical reagent filtration, petrochemical filtration, melt filtration and other solvents.

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Classification of stainless steel filter screen

Stainless steel filter screen is divided into: 1. Multi layer spot welding filter screen. 2. Multi layer edge wrapped filter screen.
Stainless steel filter screen can be divided into rectangle, circle, ring, distance, waist and special shape.
Stainless steel filter screen is divided into single-layer screen, multi-layer composite filter screen and combined filter screen according to structure.
Stainless steel filter screen is divided into single layer, double layer, three layer, four layer, five layer and multi-layer according to the number of layers.
Applicable industries of stainless steel filter screen: it is widely used in “chemical fiber spinning, short fiber, microfiber, leather, non-woven fabric, plastic granulation (PVC) cable material”. Filtration of sheath material), sheet extrusion (peppabsps), color masterbatch, rubber “and other melts.
Applicable machinery: spinnerets and filtration components of various imported and domestic “chemical fiber spinning machines, leather and non-woven equipment, twin-screw extruders”.
In the production of headphone net, button battery and speaker.

Acid alkali stainless steel filter mesh

Stainless steel filter mesh for common acid and alkali is mainly used for screening and filtration under acid and alkali environmental conditions, gas and liquid filtration and other media separation. Stainless steel filter mesh generally uses stainless steel mesh wire, nickel wire and copper wire as raw materials. The weft wires are densely arranged in the metal wire woven dense mesh, and the stainless steel mesh has plain weave, twill weave, mat weave, herringbone weave, etc. The specification of stainless steel mesh is 5 mesh – 630 mesh. Stainless steel mesh has the characteristics of stable and fine filtration performance. Various types of stainless steel mesh products can also be designed and manufactured according to users’ needs.
Stainless steel mesh for acid and alkali is classified according to weaving, plain weave, twill weave, plain Dutch weave, herringbone weave, mat weave, etc.

Texture of material

Sus304,304l,SUS316,SUS316L, etc.

We can design and manufacture various types of stainless steel filter mesh products according to users’ needs, and undertake incoming material processing at the same time.

Advantages of filter screen

1. Low resistance, repeated cleaning, high economy;
2. Ventilation system with high acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance;
3. Safe, firm and long service life.

Specification sheet

Filter screen No Mesh (diameter x latitude) Wire diameter (diameter x weft) Aperture (UM) Weight per square meter (kg)
32# 8 x 62 0.63mm x 0.45mm 300 5.42
40# 10 x 79 0.50mm x 0.355mm 250 3.16
48# 12 x 64 0.58mm x 0.40mm 280 2.9
55# 14 x 88 0.40mm x 0.30mm 180 2.54
76# 19 x 140 0.315mm x 0.20mm 140 1.88
80# 20 x 300 0.35mm x 0.20mm 3.6
95# 24 x 110 0.355mm x 0.25mm 120 2.45
100# 25 x 140 0.28mm x 0.20mm 100 1.95
120# 30 x 150 0.25mm x 0.18mm 80 1.68
140# 35 x 175 0.224mm x 0.16mm 71 1.52
160# 40 x 200 0.20mm x 0.14mm 60 1.4
180# 45 x 250 0.16mm x 0.112mm 56 1.09
200# 50 x 250 0.14mm x 0.11mm 53 1.04
220# 55.5 x 280 0.14mm x 0.10mm 50 0.92
240# 65 x 330 0.11mm x 0.08mm 36 0.71
280#(1) 70 x 350 0.11mm x 0.08mm 35 0.72
280#(2) 70 x 385 0.11mm x 0.07mm 32 0.75
300# 78 x 700 0.11mm x 0.08mm 30 1.39
315#(1) 80 x 400 0.10mm x 0.065mm 40 0.62
315#(2) 80 x 600 0.10mm x 0.06mm
315#(3) 80 x 800 0.15mm x 0.04mm
320# 81 x 780 0.10mm x 0.07mm 30 1.22
354# 90 x 550 0.12mm x 0.05
Width: 1-1.6m
Oblique woven filter screen
Filter screen No Mesh (diameter x latitude) Wire diameter (diameter x weft) Aperture (UM) Weight per square meter (kg)
360# 91 x 787 0.10mm x 0.07 25 1.24
400# 101 x 900 0.10mm x 0.063 20 1.22
472# 120 x 400 0.10mm x 0.075
500# 127 x 1100 0.07mm x 0.05 17 0.81
630# 160 x 1500 0.063mm x 0.04 15 0.62
650#(1) 165 x 400 0.071mm x 0.06
650#(2) 165 x 600 0.071mm x 0.05
650#(3) 165 x 800 0.071mm x 0.05 25
650#(4) 165 x 1100 0.071mm x 0.045
650#(5) 165 x 1400 0.071mm x 0.04 16 0.76
685# 174 x 1700 0.063mm x 0.032 13 0.61
787#(1) 200 x 600 0.071mm x 0.06
787#(2) 200 x 800 0.071mm x 0.06
787#(3) 200 x 1400 0.071mm x 0.04 12 0.8
795# 202 x 1760 0.05mm x 0.032 10 0.6
850# 216 x 1860 0.045mm x 0.030 9
1000# 254 x 2000 0.04mm x 0.028 8 0.5
1125# 285 x 2235 0.036mm x 0.025 7
1228# 312 x 2100 0.035mm x 0.025
1250# 318 x 2235 0.036mm x 0.025
1280# 325 x 2300 0.035mm x 0.025 5 0.45
1575# 400 x 3100 0.035mm x 0.019 3
Width: 1-1.6m
Mesh/inch Wire diameter Mesh size Mesh/inch Wire diameter Mesh size
mm mm mm mm
2mesh 1.8 10.9
3mesh 1.6 6.866 70 0.14 0.223
4mesh 1.2 5.15 80 0.12 0.198
5mesh 0.91 4.17 90 0.11 0.172
6mesh 0.8 3.433 100 0.1 0.154
8mesh 0.6 2.575 120 0.08 0.132
10 0.55 1.99 140 0.07 0.111
150 0.065 0.104
160 0.065 0.094
180 0.053 0.088
200 0.053 0.074
14 0.5 1.314 250 0.04 0.061
18 0.45 0.961 325 0.035 0.043
20 0.4 0.87 350 0.033 0.0395
30 0.305 0.542 400 0.03 0.0335
50 0.2 0.308 500 0.025 0.0258
60 0.19 0.223 600 0.018 0.023

Characteristics of stainless steel filter screen

  • 1. The filtration accuracy is between 30-1300 microns;
  • 2. The continuous operating temperature of the equipment is – 75 ℃ – 200 ℃;
  • 3. Corrosion resistance of selected stainless steel materials;
  • 4. Woven or sintered metal filter screen is available;
  • 5. The filter material can be cleaned and reused;
  • 6. Low temperature fusion welding without leakage;
  • 7. Large flow, low pressure loss.

Functional features of metal filter screen: direct filtration, simple process, good air permeability, uniform and stable precision, no leakage, good regeneration performance, fast regeneration speed, convenient installation, high efficiency and long service life. Stainless steel filter screen will not produce corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear.
Application of metal filter screen: it is mainly used for air conditioner, purifier, range hood, air filter, dehumidifier and dust collector. It is suitable for various filtration, dust removal and separation requirements, and is suitable for filtration in petroleum, chemical industry, mining, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Filter screen is more and more widely used, and it will be often used in general families.

Service environment of stainless steel filter screen

It is used for screening and filtration under acid and alkali environmental conditions. It is used as mud screen, chemical fiber industry, screen screen and pickling screen in petroleum industry and electroplating industry.
Used in mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries.
Compared with stainless steel mesh belt, the service life of ordinary mesh belt is very short, because our service environment is very complex, such as high temperature, corrosion and other environments. As we all know, stainless steel mesh belt is characterized by high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength.

Use at ultra-high temperatures above 400 ℃

When the mesh belt works normally, the temperature rises due to the heat of the conveying material, and the strength of the conveying belt decreases gradually with the rise of the temperature. The use limit of stainless steel mesh belt will depend on the temperature generated by the rotational friction between the material and the mesh belt and the temperature of the material. Whether the temperature exceeds 400 ℃ will affect the service life of the stainless steel mesh belt, please consult the stainless steel mesh belt manufacturer. Generally, the stainless steel mesh belt is resistant to high temperature, so it will not affect its service life at 400 ℃. However, due to different manufacturing processes, the service life of the stainless steel mesh belt manufactured by each manufacturer is different.
When using stainless steel mesh belt at high temperature, the following problems should also be considered

  • a) The heat generated by friction during the operation of mesh belt.
  • b) Due to different manufacturing processes, the thermal expansion coefficient of stainless steel mesh belt is different. When different materials are welded together, there is the possibility of thermal fatigue.
  • c) When the ambient temperature exceeds 400 ℃, the intermittent reduction caused by expansion between parts shall also be fully considered.
  • d) Creep.
  • e) Ordinary mesh belt has thermal brittleness when working at high temperature, and so does stainless steel mesh belt.
  • f) Brittleness of carbon precipitation;
  • g) Effect of temperature change on the use of stainless steel mesh belt (cooling and expansion);
  • h) Silicon, graphite and molybdenum disulfide lubricants have good heat resistance.

When the mesh belt is exposed to corrosive materials, it will cause adverse consequences.

Firstly, the mesh belt parts will become thinner and thinner, resulting in accelerated wear. The rust on the ordinary mesh belt parts will also affect the flexible rotation of the stainless steel mesh belt hinge and roller. When stainless steel mesh belt continues to work in acidic or alkaline environment, parts will have stress corrosion and crystal stress corrosion.
When using mesh belt in corrosive environment, great attention must be paid to the selection of mesh belt parts and materials. Whether the mesh belt with martensitic stainless steel series as parts will rust depends on the specific working environment. It is very useful to master anti-corrosion technology and correctly use mesh belt in corrosive environment.

Use mesh belt in grinding environment

The use of mesh belt in grinding environment will lead to serious wear. In order to ensure the service life of mesh belt, attention must be paid to:

  • a) The chain cover can be installed to prevent the mesh belt from being directly exposed to abrasive materials;
  • b) When the mesh belt is exposed to grinding materials, the appropriate conveyor type must be selected;
  • c) Reduce the chain speed as much as possible;
  • d) In order to reduce the pressure of the hinge composed of the pin shaft and sleeve of the mesh belt, please select the mesh belt with larger specification;
  • e) Please use grease lubricant.

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