What is a titanium coil

What is a titanium coil?

Titanium coil is a spiral titanium pipe system.

Classification of titanium coils

Titanium coil, circular titanium coil, square titanium coil, serpentine titanium coil, U-shaped titanium coil, S-shaped titanium coil, titanium double-layer coil, titanium tube heat exchanger, titanium U-tube heat exchanger, titanium row tube heat exchanger, suspended titanium coil, double in and double out single-layer titanium coil, single in and single out titanium coil, single-layer titanium coil and multi-layer titanium coil can also be processed according to customer drawings.

Working principle of titanium coil

Titanium coils are often used for internal heating and cooling of containers. The coil is fixed in two ways: non detachable and detachable, which shall be determined according to the plot degree of materials and clothing, but detachable type shall be used as far as possible in design to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of titanium coil.

Characteristics of titanium coil

  • 1) It has excellent corrosion resistance in many media, so the pipe wall can be relatively thin and the heat transfer effect is improved.
  • 2) The surface is smooth and free of dirt layer, and the dirt coefficient is greatly reduced.
  • 3) Low density, high strength, small volume and weight of titanium coil.

Application scope of titanium coil

Titanium coil is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, power generation, seawater desalination, chlor alkali, salt making, titanium coil is also used in the production of titanium dioxide, glycine, nitroaminophenol, pesticides, fuel chemical industry, pesticide intermediates, cyanuric acid, dichlorocyanuric acid, trichlorocyanuric acid and other industries. Specification and main parameters of titanium coil: the specification, volume and main parameters of titanium coil can be customized according to the requirements of the demander.

Manufacturing process of titanium coil

Because titanium and its alloys have excellent corrosion resistance, they are widely used in petrochemical, gold treatment, chlor alkali, salt making, electroplating and other industries. Because titanium is expensive, but it has long service life, convenient maintenance, low cost and stable performance, which is conducive to environmental protection, so it has obtained high economic and social benefits.
About 70m% ~ 80% of titanium materials produced in China every year are used for civil products, and 6% ~ 70% of civil products are used in petrochemical, metallurgy, chlor alkali, salt making, electroplating and other industries, of which 40% ~ 50 ‰ are pipes. Titanium pipes are mainly used for the manufacture of heat exchangers, i.e. row pipe heat exchangers and coil heat exchangers. Coil heat exchangers adopt spiral heat exchange, with high heat exchange efficiency, low processing cost and wide application range. Therefore, the prospect of titanium coil heat exchangers is very promising.
The manufacturing process of titanium coil heat exchanger is relatively simple, but the determination of die size is very cumbersome. Every time a coil of a specification is processed, repeated trial production for many times can determine the die size of the required coil diameter, which not only wastes materials, but also consumes time. If we can quickly determine the die size of the required coil diameter, it will take half the effort, so it is very important to find a professional coil manufacturer to provide help for the manufacture of titanium coil heat exchanger in the future.
The coil machine, coil machine (speed: 6R/min, power: 7KW) and self-made mold are shown in Figure 1.

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The bending forming of titanium tube is a processing technology combining plasticity and elasticity of titanium material. In the bending process of titanium tube, the inner side of the bending part is pressed and the outer side is pulled, one part produces elastic deformation and the other part produces plastic deformation. When the bent titanium tube is unloaded, the elastic deformation part tries to restore the titanium tube to its original state and rebound. The elastic rebound changes the bending angle and radius of the titanium tube, and the difference is the rebound amount.

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Single layer titanium coil

20210906052932 21863 - What is a titanium coil
Titanium coil
When the unfolding pitch diameter is small, the titanium pipe must be filled with sand and bent, otherwise the bend is prone to flattening, folding and other defects. Sand filled bending has little effect on rebound. Springback has a great influence on machining accuracy, so enough attention should be paid to the determination of die size.

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