What is an angle valve

What is an angle valve?

Angle valve is angle type globe valve, which is similar to spherical valve. Its structure and characteristics are modified from spherical valve. The difference between the angle valve and the ball valve is that the outlet of the angle valve is at a 90 degree right angle to the inlet. Angle valve is also called triangle valve, angle valve, angle water valve. This is because the pipe at the angle valve into a 90 degree corner shape, so called angle valve, corner water valve.

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Function of angle valve

Angle valve is a kind of valve, which can cut off the medium and facilitate the maintenance of terminal equipment. Generally used for cold and hot water inlet pipes of washbasin, toilet water tank and water heater.

Why use angle valve

Generally, the connection of the water inlet pipe of the faucet is the inner screw nut, and the water outlet of the wall is the inner screw joint, which needs the angle valve conversion connection. When installing, debugging and repairing the faucet, turn off the angle valve directly without affecting the use of other areas. The angle valve is also the insurance of the faucet. When there is a problem with the faucet, close the angle valve in time to prevent more serious losses.

Where do I need angle valves at home

Generally, there are four corner valves needed in an ordinary home: a cold water corner valve is needed at the water inlet of the toilet, two corner valves are needed at the water inlet of the washbasin and the vegetable basin, two corner valves are needed at the water inlet of the sink, two corner valves are needed at the water inlet of the sink, and two corner valves are needed at the water inlet of the water heater. In addition, if a water purifier is installed, an additional cold water angle valve shall be installed.

Material selection of angle valve

The angle valve should preferably be made of copper with a relatively longer service life. Zinc alloy is easy to aging and has short service life. Plastic is not beautiful and has the shortest service life. When buying angle valve, it is necessary to see the surface of electroplating luster, good gloss, no blister and scratch, good angle valve surface is smooth and shiny, and the hand touch is smooth and free from defects.

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