What is metal spinning process

What is metal spinning process?

Metal spinning is a symmetrical rotary forming process for sheet metal. It is often used in furniture, lamps, tableware, aerospace and other industries.

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Characteristics and application of metal spinning process

The characteristics of spinning are: a large workpiece can be formed with a small deformation force; The mold is simple, only one core mold is needed, and the material requirements are low. However, ordinary spinning machine tools are only suitable for small batch production. Due to manual operation, they have great limitations, low productivity and are more dangerous than CNC.
Spinning can use special machinery, profiling spinning and digital control spinning. The process of thinning the plate thickness while spinning is called thinning spinning, also known as strong spinning. It is mostly used to process conical parts and thin-walled tubular parts. It can also be used to spin large-diameter deep cylinders, and then cut them into flat plates.
In fact, spinning products are used in many places, but the focus is on the development of industrial parts. In fact, although the parts are small, they play a very important role. The good or bad quality of the parts determines the overall service life of the goods. Even in the production of spinning parts, we need to pay special attention to ensure the quality.

  • Process cost: mold cost (low), single piece cost (medium);
  • Output suitable for: small and medium batch production;
  • Surface quality: the surface quality largely depends on the skill and production speed of the operator;
  • Processing speed: medium and high production speed, depending on part size, complexity and sheet metal thickness;
  • Applicable materials: suitable for warm metal plates, such as magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, copper alloy, low carbon steel, superalloy, maraging steel, high strength steel, ultra-high strength steel, stainless steel, etc.

Matters needing attention

  • 1. Metal spinning is only suitable for manufacturing rotationally symmetrical parts, and the most ideal shape is hemispherical thin shell metal parts;
  • 2. For parts formed by metal spinning, the inner diameter shall be controlled within 2.5m.

Metals of different materials are made into spinning products of various shapes through spinning technology, which are widely used in the fields of automobile, medical treatment, hydropower, electric power, nuclear power and some military projects.
The raw materials for spinning can be plates or pipes, which are often used to manufacture the following parts:

  • Wheels: steel wheel mesh, truck spokes, aluminum alloy wheels, etc;
  • Engine parts: various belt pulleys and starting flywheels;
  • Gearbox parts: clutch housing, gear ring and CVT pulley;
  • Exhaust system parts: exhaust manifold, catalyst housing;
  • Wheel components: steel wheel mesh, truck spokes, aluminum alloy wheels, etc.

There are basically three manufacturing processes of aluminum alloy hub: casting, forging and spinning. Spinning includes casting spinning (MAT), forging spinning and plate spinning. Forging spinning is to spin the forged blank into a hub; Casting spinning is to spin the wheel rim part of the cast wheel hub with a NC spinning machine, so as to increase the metal density at the processing position, enhance the strength of the wheel hub and reduce the weight of the wheel hub; Plate spinning is to directly spin a certain thickness of cold-rolled plate into a wheel hub, and then finish the spoke part. The latter two types of wheels are very close to forged wheels in performance, and the price is affordable, which is favored by consumers.
The wheel hub manufactured by spinning technology has the advantages of light weight, fast heat dissipation, good shock absorption performance, rich and colorful patterns, accurate size and easy manufacture. It stands out in the automotive industry and has great development potential.

Metal spinning process and operation steps

Process diagram

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Step 1: fix the cut round metal plate on the machine mandrel.
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Step 2: the mandrel drives the circular metal plate to rotate at a high speed, and the tool with the runner starts to press the metal surface until the metal plate completely fits the inner wall of the mold.

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Step 3: after forming, the mandrel is taken out and the top and bottom of the part are cut off for demoulding.

Example 1: metal spinning demonstration video

Example 2: metal spinning of lampshade (Figure)

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Example 3: spinning process of other metal products

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